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Information Barn

The best horsemen tell us the more you learn about horses, the more you realize there is still more to learn. By sharing information here that may not be readily found elsewhere on the Internet, we hope to open doors into areas that people may not be familiar with ... perhaps because they've never had the opportunity.

The contents of the CEOates Ranch Information Barn varies. What we share here might make you think, might make you smile,  might provide you with insight into something you haven't experienced before, and might encourage you to explore further.

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Barn Camera Highlights

By Christi Oates

Testing Mare Milk to Predict Foaling

By Jorene Downs

Foal Watch Tips

The articles below were originally posted by Jorene to the rec.equestrian online newsgroup in the late 1990s. Published here by request for easier reference.

Bit Selection

Quiet Leadership in the Herd

Sacking Out / Desensitizing a Horse

Walking Down a Horse

       At CEOates Ranch we have been transmitting our live foaling stall camera online (seasonally) since 1999, and have generated a lot of interest in the online horse world. Our barn has two 12 x 24  foaling stalls  monitored by camera, with two cameras in each stall.

       Originally we transmitted updated still shots captured at 10 second intervals, used for remote monitoring. As technology advanced, we switched to transmitting live streaming video.

      The foaling stall online live camera evolved into an opportunity for people all over the world to observe the different behavior of the pregnant mares, watch an actual birth online, and see how each dam and her new foal interacted. In order to share with those who aren't able to watch live online, Jorene captured a few special moments for people to view at their convenience. Enjoy!

Photo Series: 90 Minutes in the Life of a Dam

Pretty Girl and filly - 2001

Information Barn