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CEOates Ranch

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Words cannot express how deeply these losses are felt.
Each of these horses retain a special place in our hearts and memories.

Thank you so much to everyone who has expressed their condolences.

May you Rest In Peace in greener pastures

shared with your favorite herd buddies.

In Memory

of  those we lost

“Slick”  1982-2008

Funny Face Too


Bay grandson of

Sir Quincy Dan (QH)

Slick came to us at age 8. He'd been used to rope, doctor and gather cattle...and had the scars to prove it. He was to be Christi’s drill team horse, but he quickly changed our minds. "What's the use of galloping around aimlessly?" he'd bog his head and ask. :- ) Give him a cow to chase and he'd run all day long for you...just don't give him a "silly" job. Slick was tough and had a hard-working attitude. He was the absolute best choice when we were called out for Search & Rescue because you could take him anywhere and do anything with him. He was rock solid in parades carrying the flag or loaned to less experienced riders. Slick was also the resident "King of the Pasture."  His most recent task in life was as Jade's 1st year 4-H horse. We hadn't seen him show so much enthusiasm for a job in years.

Slick was taken from us by sudden wide-spread cancer in the abdomen.  He showed minimal signs that anything was wrong... a tough old guy until the end.  We miss you old friend. Send us another just like you and we'll see you on the other side.

“Brenda”  Unk-2007

Mark         &        Jade

on Brenda

Brenda came to us as an amazing babysitter. She was giving lessons to young children, but her children had moved on to the next level. We bought her without her AQHA papers, but we understand that she once tore it up at the Cow Palace shows.

Brenda came to live with us when she was about 35. We knew that her time might be short, but she gave Mark his first rides and Jade some wonderful memories. Miss Brenda hadn't had teeth for a few years, and had been retired  - she loved to “grandmother” the weaned foals - for several years.  Brenda  was close to 40 years old when she decided that she was done.

We eased her way so she could go gently, with dignity.

What a sweet old mare she was. We miss her much.

“Summer”  1994-2006

Summer Tangerine
1994 AQHA  red dun
foundation QH
Music Mount top and bottom

We had Summer for only a couple of years, but she was a wonderful riding mount
and will be sorely missed. One morning we were shocked to discover her body in the pasture,   because she’d appeared to be in great health the evening before.The necropsy and subsequent lab tests never identified what caused her death. We’ll never know  what  took this nice mare from us,

We didn't have near enough time with Summer.

“Design”  1990-2006

Model Design

1990 sorrel overo mare

by Barlink Macho Man

out of a Jetalito daughter

Design was an amazingly sweet mare.  She lived with us for a time before we purchased her and we really felt she was special.  In an amazingly freak accident we lost this awesome mare and her unborn foal.  We were so looking forward to many, many more years with her but it was not to be.  She lives on in her 4 fillies and their foals.

We miss you big girl.

“Pretty Girl”  1989-June 2003

Pretty Girl CEO

1989 sorrel/solid mare

by Warcloud

out of Warriors Kiss

Pretty Girl CEO
APHA solid chestnut mare

Pretty Girl was put down due to severe distress from Strangles. A baby-sitter to ride, with awesome smooth movement, and a sweetheart to all.  She left in our care several of her foals.  We will cherish them because through them she lives on.

“Pretty Filly”  Feb 2003 - May 2003

"Pretty Filly"

2003 palomino/overo filly

by Final Review

out of Pretty Girl CEO

Due to a freak accident, this "pretty filly" is no longer with us. A tragic end to so much potential.  We will never know if she would have followed in her sister's footsteps.

We lost her wonderful dam (below) a month later.

“Gold Bar”  1976-2003

Super Gold Bar

AQHA / NFQHA palomino


Gold Bar was a stallion until he was 12 years old. While he was a stallion, he was often ridden by his owner on the ranch, in the mountains, and in parades. Gold Bar was purchased for Jorene but was often borrowed as a favorite gelding by the rest of the family. He willingly went off to backcountry trails, Drill Team, mounted Search And Rescue, parades, and chased a few cows. Gold Bar was retired to pasture due to failing vision in his early 20's. He contentedly shared quiet meals and space with “his” favorite mares.  

Super Gold Bar went to greener pastures in the sky at age 27.

RIP Old Friend

“Sage”  1998-1999

CEO Zip Gone N Dun It
1998 APHA Solid Red Dun Colt
Major Leo T Robins
x Robins Lonsum Spot x Mr Robin Boy
out of Zips Lady In Red  (Zippo Pine Bar granddaughter)

Sage was one of our own foals. He was a gorgeous colt, and lovely smooth mover with a willing,  very mellow and friendly disposition.

Jorene planned to keep him as a personal riding horse, expecting he'd grow to be a versatile, reliable mount, and later become a calm babysitter for grandkids.

Sage didn't survive unexpected complications from gelding in the early Spring of his yearling year. He lives on in memory of what could have been.

In Memory