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CEOates Ranch

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Christi is the contact for inquiries about our horses, breeding program, and services such as researched pedigrees.

Phone : 559.679.9782

Fax: 509.561.6450

Christi is married to Eric, with 2 children ... Jade and Mark.

Christi started riding as a child and later spent years showing horses around California, but retired from the show  circuit after having children. She is active helping at the local elementary school, local coaching for sports, the 4-H horse program, is a backcountry packer, and is a XanGo distributor.

Christi has a background as a veterinary technician and is the most likely to be seen in the stall if a mare needs an assist during labor. Watch for the long dark blond hair! Eric is often there to help. Eric is also our colt starter.

You may also see Jade or Mark feeding horses or mucking stalls. The family is very active in backcountry packing, mostly in our region of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Mail: the CEOates Ranch web site

Christi Oates


Contact Us

FIRST check on CEOates Chat!

Even if you don’t see someone in the stall
we may already be addressing the situation, off camera.

If there is a confirmed unattended emergency in our barn,
please call the following numbers, in order.





Live Camera Emergencies

Jorene is the contact for  inquiries regarding the technology we use, or regarding services such as web design and video.

Jorene is married to Chris, with 1 child - Christi (see left)  - and 2 grandchildren (Jade and Mark) from Christi and Eric.

Jorene is the family night owl and primary “all night foal watch” person during foaling season when we have pregnant mares. You’ll usually find her at night on CEOates Chat.

Jorene started riding over 50 years ago. She is the web designer and webmaster for the Backcountry Horsemen of California, Sequoia Unit web site. Professionally she was a management consultant in the telecommunications industry. Jorene has been in public safety as a trained volunteer since 1979 and is particularly active regarding Mounted Search and Rescue. Jorene contributes at the national and international level to develop standards, writes articles, teaches at conferences and clinics, etc. See more HERE.

Jorene Downs


Mail: the CEOates Ranch web site