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CEOates Ranch

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Barn News

Photos below of a few prior
CEOates Ranch foals.

Visit the Foal Barn for more!

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Welcome to the CEOates Ranch!

CEOates Ranch is a family run horse breeding operation in central California focused on producing quality Paint (APHA) foals with great conformation, disposition and versatility. We had our first foal in 1995.

The legal partners in CEOates Ranch are Christi (daughter) and Jorene (mom) but we have lots of help from the rest of the family! Visit the Contact Us page to learn more about us, send email, etc.

CEOates Ranch does not stand any stallions. Our mares have world class bloodlines. We select each stallion to improve on the mare. Commonly the sires of foals born at CEOates Ranch are world champions, or from world champion lines.  

We think you’ll agree that the resulting foals are world class quality. Visit the Sale Barn to see what we have for sale!

Please visit our mares and foals in the Horse Barn, and see the various stallions we’ve crossed on our mares  in recent years in the Reference Sires section.